Commercial Vehicle Wrap Design.

The design and font selection in commercial vehicle wraps are incredibly important. They play a significant role in capturing attention, conveying your brand message, and ensuring readability.
Here are some key considerations:
Choosing the Right Type and Size of Wraps.
  • Determine the vehicles you want to wrap and download car blueprint templates or consult professionals for guidance.
  • Inspect each vehicle for any pre-existing damage or rust, as it’s best to address these issues before applying the wrap.
  • Consider your budget and consult with experts to select the appropriate type of wrap for your commercial fleet.
Commercial Wrap Font Spacing, Shape, and Readability.
  • Keep the messaging on your wraps simple and easy to understand.
  • Remember that vehicle wraps are seen while the vehicles are in motion, so choose fonts that are highly legible and instantly recognisable without requiring close examination.
  • Ensure proper spacing between letters to avoid them being too crowded or too widely spaced.
  • Place important information, such as contact details, on the back where it’s visible to drivers behind your vehicle.
  • Design around windows and doors to maintain a cohesive and impactful wrap.
Consider Visibility and Memorability
  • Take into account the visibility of your wraps from a distance. Larger lettering tends to be more visible and readable.
  • If including text on the hood, mirror print it so that it can be easily read by people viewing it in a mirror.
  • Aim to create memorable designs that resonate with your target audience. Tailor the colours, fonts, and overall design to match your brand identity and evoke the desired emotions.
Design Van Graphics That Resonate
  • Understand your audience and create designs that appeal to them. Consider the tone, style, and colour scheme that align with your brand and the message you want to convey.
  • Balance creativity with readability. Ensure that the graphics and design elements work harmoniously with the text and font selection.
  • Test and iterate your designs to ensure they effectively capture attention and communicate your brand message.

Taking the time to carefully plan and design your commercial vehicle wraps will ensure that they make a lasting impact and effectively promote your brand. For assistance with designing your vehicle wrap and branding or incorporating a colour scheme into your fleet, consult with the experienced team at It’s A Wrap Branding.  Drop them an email or give them a call on 01903 505224 and find out how they can help you and your business achieve maximum results.


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