Key Questions to Ask Your Vehicle Wrapping Expert.

When considering large-scale commercial vehicle wrapping services for fleet branding or wrapping a company car or van, it’s essential to ask specific questions to ensure your wrapping expert delivers a professional outcome.

Vehicle wraps can make your entire vehicle stand out, offering incredible brand exposure as a marketing tool and serving as a cost-effective method to promote your company to a vast audience. However, quality, precision, and design are of utmost importance. Every business has a budget, so it’s wise to assess wrap quotes and compare the expertise of your local commercial vehicle wrap providers to guarantee you have all the information required to make an informed decision.

1. Is Vinyl Wrap the Ideal Choice for Commercial Vehicle Wrapping?

Although vinyl wrap is frequently the quickest, most effective, and most affordable solution for altering a vehicle’s appearance, it’s wise to consult your installer for independent advice.

There are cases where alternatives might be recommended, such as:

  • When the vehicle has substantial rust that prevents proper vinyl adhesion.
  • When the vehicle wrap has a small design area – a partial wrap for that section of the bodywork might be suggested to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Numerous vinyl brands are suitable for commercial vehicle wraps. If the design is for promotional purposes and intended for short-term use, lower-cost vinyl brands for temporary applications can be offered.

2. Can You Assist With the Vehicle Wrap Design?

For most businesses (except those in the graphic design sector), the brand design process can be challenging due to the countless textures, colours, finishes, and layouts available. Having an in-house vehicle wrap design team is ideal, as it allows you to discuss your ideas and branding and explain the impact you want to achieve through your vehicle livery.

Vehicle wrapping templates can be useful for standard-sized vehicles or fleets. However, a customised design service may be preferable for a more tailored wrap. Examining previous examples can help refine your specifications and give the designer input to create something unique for maximum impact.

A proficient designer will explain crucial vehicle wrapping design rules, such as using fonts above a specific size and avoiding intricate text or certain colour combinations that are difficult to read on a moving vehicle.

Having a design team available makes it easier to incorporate changes without the added time and cost of outsourcing to a third party.

3. Can You Provide Examples of Past Vehicle Wrap Projects and Customer Feedback?

Inquiring about previous wrapping projects is invaluable for determining a wrap specialists expertise in delivering an exceptional final appearance. A reputable wrapping team will be proud to display their design graphics and application skills or provide a gallery of wraps on similar-sized vehicles to demonstrate what is possible and how different branding designs work.

It’s also vital to check customer reviews and testimonials for a comprehensive understanding. Consider examining the following:

  • Published testimonials – although these usually exclude negative feedback!
  • Google reviews
  • Social media ratings
  • Feedback on independent forums, such as Trustpilot

Unbiased reviews offer insights into how previous customers felt about their experience and can reveal if clients experienced issues like bubbling or fading wraps, which might indicate subpar installation processes.

4. Do Your Vehicle Wrapping Services Include a Warranty?

Most vinyl wraps come with a warranty, with top brand manufacturers guaranteeing the lifespan of commercial vehicle wrapping. However, this might not be enough if the vinyl is of high quality but has been improperly installed. Installer warranties can serve as a safety net in case something goes wrong and provide peace of mind that any vehicle wrapping issues will be promptly fixed without additional costs.

Professional fleet wrappers can also recommend finishes like ceramic coatings to protect your wrap, especially beneficial for vehicles that cover significant mileage and require extra protection from road grit, sand, and oil.

5. What’s the Optimal Approach to Maintain My Vehicle Wraps?

A bit of regular maintenance will help preserve your vehicle wrap’s vibrancy and bold appearance. An installer should provide guidance on cleaning the wrap and preventing damage. Here’s a quick list of tips your installer should offer:

  • Choose a high-quality vehicle shampoo with a low pH.
  • Exercise caution when using powerful jet washers, as intense jets may cause peeling.
  • Avoid automatic car washes, as their bristles may be abrasive.
  • Refrain from using wax polishes – they won’t enhance the wrap’s shine and may lead to fading.
  • Quickly remove any fuel or oil from the wrap to prevent corrosion or colour damage.

Your vehicle wrapping professional may provide a regular cleaning service. However, for most vehicles, occasional cleaning is sufficient to prevent the buildup of oil and grime. A skilled wrap installer will aim to minimise the likelihood of damage but can always remove and replace the wrap with a fresh layer if your vehicle sustains significant bodywork damage.

6. What Are the Costs and Timeframes for the Work?

Commercial vehicle owners often prefer vinyl wrap as it’s faster and more affordable than a respray. Nonetheless, ensure you have a written quote and a transparent timeframe before leaving your vehicle with the installer. Addressing these questions with a reputable commercial vehicle wrapping expert will give you a clear understanding of the service quality you can anticipate. It also ensures you select a top-notch vehicle wrapping company that will leverage their expertise in choosing a wrap, designing, and maintaining your fleet over time.


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